Friday, November 15, 2013

Our collection

We created a collection of all blue things. I think it represents the time we live in because a lot of the items are common name brand things you could find in anyone's house. It also shows some of our interests because of the personal items people added such as the blue mask or zelda lunch box. I don't think it says anything about our beliefs because it doesn't seem like there are many important items in the collection. Our group collection in some ways shows my personal tastes and interest. I have a lot of the same items that are in the pile. I liked using the one color theme like Portia Munson does with her work. By using one color she showed how colors were stereotyped to gender. 
Our collection
Portia Munson's work

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I collect

I collect memories. My favortie things to collect are the things that remind me of my friends and family. Like my friends' hoodies or shirts. I keep a lot of little things too. Like silly bands my grandpa got me years ago. I collect these things because they are very special to me. I wanna be able to remember all the good times I've had.